Why is Malbec so popular?

Native to the town of Cahors, Malbec is a purple grape variety used for making red wine. There is proof of Malbec being produced in the Middle Ages in Cahors, which was sold in England. Due to the Phylloxera in the mid 1800s, which resulted in a lot of vines being replanted, Malbec can be found across the world - particularly flourishing in Argentina. This was first planted in Mendoza in the 19th Century, which is now the main wine producing area in Argentina.
Malbec has also been popular around the Bordeaux area, by the river Lot, with the first recorded vineyards being created in the 16th Century; the grape being named Auxerrois or Côt. The grape has gained popularity and has certainly become fashionable with its newer name of Malbec.
One reason why Malbec is so popular, is because it is produced in 7 different countries: 
Malbec is most commonly grown in Argentina, due to the declining growth in France, with 76,000 hectares of vineyards. France has the second largest coverage of Malbec vines, with 15,000 hectares. The main areas for this growth is the Cahors appellation, Bordeaux and the Loire Valley. The other countries include the USA, Chile, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
Malbec is also very popular because it can be paired with many dishes. The best dishes to pair Malbec with includes red meats, pork and cheese. Full flavoured foods pair best because Malbec is a fuller-bodied wine.
Malbec produces red wines with medium acidity and medium tannins. Through the full flavours, and medium acidity, Malbec is less overwhelming or niche on the palette, making this flavour more popular.

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