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Did you know that in Florence there are hidden tiny doors that have more than 600 years of history and that some of these have recently been reused to avoid contagion from Covid? These are the so-called Florentine Wine Windows, small openings present on many houses and noble palaces, once used for the sale of retail wine flasks and today reopened by some business owners to serve wines, cocktails and gelato avoiding direct contact. 


In Florence everyone knows the history of the “wine holes” and we almost take it for granted, but such a thing does not exist anywhere else in Italy and in the world so why not tell everyone about it?

It seems that already around 1630, during the terrible plague epidemic (named black pest) that destroyed Europe, they were used to limit the contagion between sellers and buyers and that the transfer of money and wine flasks was taking place through a metal scoop and after careful disinfection with vinegar.

It is really true when people say that history repeats itself!  

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