Achaval Winery 3 Vineyards
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Achaval Winery 3 Vineyards

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Achaval Ferrer Winery

In days when the old was quickly replaced by the new, Achaval Ferrer decided to preserve the legacy of time. Today, the legacy is still treasured. Keeping the DNA of centennial vines intact and combining wisdom with passion, we create wines that express the magic of the exceptional terroir they come from. That’s what we do, because no one is more experienced than time or wiser than nature.

Since its origins, the winery has followed a clear pathway traced by commitment with and respect for nature. Achaval Ferrer bases its winemaking on fundamental pillars and a minimal intervention principle from the vine to the wine.

The box contains 6 bottles:

2 Malbec bottles from Finca Altamira

Altamira is a mountain with extreme weather. Quiet and calm are mixed into the intensity of the peaks of Tunuyan. It is the most symmetrical of the vineyards: it possesses a ray of aromas ranging from black and red fruits to passing flowers to spices and minerals.

It is rich, fresh and opulent, complex and fascinating. Altamira always has a new story to share.

2 Malbec bottles from Finca Mirador

Finca Mirador emerges from a place surrounded by quinces, olive trees and rosemary, a wine distinguished by its tasty character, with an elegant finish and endless storage possibilities.

2 Malbec bottles from Finca Bellavista

Bella Vista is home to our winery; it is open and spacious and is the reflection of the immensity of the Mendoza River. It is distinguished by its soothing features and finely meshed texture.

It is elegant and aromatic with an endless finish and a juicy acidity that stands out.

For more information you can visit the Winery here.

Wine from Mendoza Province


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