Autumn 2023 (September) selection
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Autumn 2023 (September) selection

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Welcome to our seasonal 6 bottles selection by our Sommelier.


 In the Autumn 2023 season the selection contains:

An Ekeko Malbec - Merlot by Miraluna Wines from Salta

A Criolla Chica by Alta Yari from Mendoza

A Cabernet Sauvignon by Anaia Wines from Mendoza

An Amici Miei Petit Verdot - Barbera by Stella Crinita from Mendoza

A Palo Santo Sauvignon Blanc by Urqo Wines from Mendoza 

And A Grand Blend Malbec - Cabernet Sauvignon by Comahue Wines from Neuquen


Wine from Mendoza Province



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